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The Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute – National Center of Seed and Cultivar Investigation of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading centers of agricultural science in Ukraine.

It has developed from a small plant breeding station (1912) which was established at the Odesa Experimental Field (1895).

Soil-climatic conditions of places where the institute is located are typical for the Black Sea maritime steppes, the basic parameters of which correspond to a southern part of Ukraine, which includes the Steppe region and southern areas of the Forest-Steppe region. The climate in the area is moderately continental,with a pronounced aridity.

The main directions of the research and innovative activity are:

- the development of topical issues of the theory of breeding, seed production for the purposes of scientific support and improvement of the breeding process;

- the breeding of varieties and hybrids of winter bread and durum wheat, winter and spring barley, maize, sorghum, sunflower, soybean, pea, chickpea and alfalfa;

- the production and sale of pre-basic and basic seed of agricultural crops.


Since the foundation of the Institute over 400 new varieties and hybrids have been breeded. There were 220 varieties and hybrids created at the Institute in the Ukrainian State Register of Plant Varieties in 2016.

Over last 5 years there have been released: 31 varieties of winter bread wheat; 8 varieties of winter durum wheat; 4 varieties of spring barley; 4 varieties of winter barley; 10 hybrids of maize; 14 hybrids of sunflower; 3 varieties of pea; 6 varieties of soybean; 3 varieties of chickpea; 5 hybrids of sugar sorghum; 3 varieties of alfalfa.

All these varieties were widely grown in Ukraine on area around 3-4 million hectares. They characterized by high productivity, grain and seed quality, complex resistance to diseases, resistance and tolerance to abiotic environmental factors.

The scientists of the institute elaborate the national standards, which regulated the seed production of agricultural crops.

To succeed in the plant breeding in the Institute carries on the intensive theoretical studies ofgenetical basis of plants ontogenesis, the factors, that influence on production process, the methods of improve end-useproduction of agricultural crops, the basis of plant tolerance on the action of biotic and abiotic stress factors, disease resistance, the methods of increasing the genetic variation and creating original initial material for breeding programs.


The Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute maintain international cooperation on genetics and plant breeding. On the basis of bilateral agreement with breeding institutions of France, Turkey, Moldova, Russia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Bulgaria we carry on joint breeding and research programs for wheat, barley, maize, sunflower. A few of varieties and hybrids, which breeding in institute, are registered and cultivate abroad.


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